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I am the infinite telomerase! I am not an antiexistence! I am the perfect chain!

played at damned and absolute_hold. please see the main menu for more information.

"the fear of nothingness and loneliness."

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Name: URTV Unit 667, Albedo
"Real" Name: Alan Kane
Serial number: 87880667M.
Room Number: M58
Roommate: Uchiha Sasuke
Age: 12
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 4'7"
Language: English.
Other Characteristics: Bright red tattoo of the number 667 on his right palm. Malnourished from not eating as much as he should be. Looks identical to Nigredo and Rubedo, but for hair and eye colors. Also? Sorta crazy.

Brother: Nigredo

Status: Intent.
Equip: Listed here.
On hand: Portal ring, two combat knives on either hip on the back of his belt, small hatchet, coliseum sword and shield.

Patient since: Night 38.
Times sedated: 7.
Times put in solitary: 1.
Pins: S-C, Advanced-Grade Monster Kill, Intermediate-Grade Monster Kill, Low-Grade Monster Kill, Drug Trials.

Series: Xenosaga
Timeline: Taken from a week after the Militian Conflict.

Power status: Regen is still automatic though slowed and tolling. The Link is clear, though severe usage will result in headaches. Can feel other heartbeat. Eyes can glow violet; when emotions are up, a purple aura may appear. Military training. Adult strength and speed. Some mental defenses. Odd knowledges.

His personality section has all of his obsessions and mindset in severe detail.

nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit